About Me

A little information about me, myself and I.
Be Web Proud - Circle Graphic
Picture of me and my wife in Edinburgh
Picture of me and my wife in Javanese dress being silly.
Picture of me in Japan with Amanohashidate in the background.
Picture of me and my wife at Lock Ness with a rainbow.
Picture of me on Nusa Penida cliff, Bali.

Humble Beginnings

I've been creating and developing websites and various graphics for over 15 years. It's always been a passion and something I love to do.

I love to create quality unique design and embrace new technology, trends and methods in the process.

It's Personal

That's me 'Jp' short for John-paul in the picture with my wife Cynthia. We are dressed in traditional Java attire as she's Indonesian and from the City of Jakarta.

Otaku (Japanese: おたく or オタク) is something my wife call's me as I can be a bit computer & design obsessed! It means geek/computer obsessed in Japanese! Which is one of the 3 languages my other half speaks.

She's can help translate sites for Japanese and Indonesian markets!

No Boss!

Being freelance, I use my skills to give myself the flexibility and ability to be able to work anywhere in the world and collaborate with some tailor picked individuals.

I'm happy to be doing something I love and I'm proud of, something I like to progress my knowledge with everyday!

Design Conscience

I believe it's fundamental to our business that you get to know each other. It's with this connection that we can learn your story, not just the facts and embellish this in my designs and create you something really special and meaningful to you.

I don't want to create another brick in the wall style website, I want it to represent you and tell your story.

Let's Talk Some More

I hope you've gained a understanding of how I work and how I can help you and your business be something special.

If you want to know anything more
feel free to ask!

Jp & Cynthia