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In order to improve your websites SEO it is a good practice for each page to have a good quantity of 'real' text. When google see's (crawls) your webpage it see's all the code and all the content, if there is much more code than content it will appear like that page is not very informative for users.

It is recommended to have over 200 meaningful words per page, to help give it some weight and value to users.

Of coarse, this is not always the case, depending upon the purpose of the website and the specific purpose of that particular webpage, it could be a showcase where visual design is at the forefront and a wall of text is the lowest priority when your trying to look good (think like an art gallery here, a large picture and a small placard).

I hope this gives you an insight and provides value to take away and integrate on your own website, you've probably heard it before but in certain aspects of design, content is key.
Your website must keep your visitors engaged.

It should be clear, structured and utilise
professional design throughout.

Good design is about more than making it pretty.
There are a lot of DIY website builders and platforms like Wix, Squarespace & various others.

There functionality can be lacking and the platforms limited, many of the websites created on them look the same and perform poorly.

In order to have a professional websites you need to utilise design standards, be creative and have a good technical ability and carefully develop your website.

"Good design is about
more than making it pretty"

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