The Importance Of Good Web Design

The Importance Of Good Web Design

Saturday, October 10, 2020

No, It doesn't just need the information

You maybe looking at creating a new website for your business, you've looked around at the local competitors in Darwen, Blackburn Bolton or even further afield. You just want to get yourself out there and want a quick win.

Would you rush together the opening of a retail store, or a client facing office? Usually in most cases the answer will be no.

You carefully articulate the space to your needs and to create a good impression, this you should be doing with your online presence too.

It's first impressions

They really do count! You want to be organised and structured, be memorable and have a professional appearance.

A clone of something pretty is better than a rushed mess, but a original and true work of art will stand out above all the rest.

Good design will help build a positive relationship with your clients, help generate leads and build on your brand.

Bad design will send customers away and paint a negative impressions on the business you have built.

Show you care and the benefits will flow.

GIF saying 'Hey Everyone, Come see how good I look'

It's more than looking good

It's the friendly face of your online presence, people who visit should feel warm and welcomed. You should be giving them a virtual tour of your business. In essence it can be representative of your customer services, if you have a rubbish outdated website, that would show you don't really care about how you look online, but don't forget that is exactly how theses potential clients are finding you.

Enhance your SEO (search engine optimisation)

A well structured and technically tuned website plays a fundamental part in enhancing your SEO results. It helps search engine spiders crawl your website content and can provide better results with the corresponding search engines.

It's an important part of the web design process, one of many under the hood aspects that can be often over looked.

GIF saying 'If we don't have trust we have nothing'

Building trust

Good design builds trust. From the font choice and colours to the consistency across pages and the tone of voice used on the copy. It all contributes to building trust with your visitors, you may have raving reviews but when a clients drops on your site and they find it dishevelled is could be a turning point for them to carry on browsing to the next. There are many elements to web design such as there are to designing a building, aesthetics is just one part and it's important to not forget about the other elements.

One example of helping to build trust it through reviews, but there's a little more to that than just plonking them here there and everywhere.

If we just place reviews on a site we want to ensure they have merit, in this day and age of the internet most people realise that anyone can write anything and it may not necessarily be true.

We want to show we are genuine in the era of fake news, we should show where these reviews are from, who theses people are and even go as far to show your business relationship with one another.

It's with transparency, authenticity and evidence that we can build a trusting connection with potential clients.

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