Why Invest In A Custom Designed Website

Why Invest In A Custom Designed Website

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Do you want to #BeWebProud?

If you’re starting a business or someone who needs to represent themselves online, it’s no doubt that you’ve thought about creating a website for yourself.

You’ve taken the time to research what the best way to go about it is, what your competitors are doing, and everything else.

But is getting a custom website at the top of that list?

You probably have some of the leading website building hosts up at the top of your list, which is great if you want a design that hundreds of other people have.

So then, you may be wondering what are the reasons you should go with a custom designed website instead of a template?

Let’s make a list.

No Limitations 

Possibly one of the biggest reasons to have someone professionally design your website is because you can have it look exactly how you want it to. 

With many website building hosts, no matter how hard you try if you want that specific shade of purple, you just aren’t going to get that very specific shade of red.

When working with someone who can build you a custom website, the limits are endless.

You’re not constrained to a box simply filled with drag-and-drop features.

By having a website designed by someone who does web design local, or even they’re not, it can be an excellent tool for your business.

Most likely, your business is as unique as you are and being able to work with someone who can help you create that is going to be a massive benefit for you!

The professional you work with has done their research and knows their stuff so that they can make your vision come to life online.

You won’t have to worry about having a tacky website that looks like it’s from the 90s, you’ll have a new website that fits your exact needs.  

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another major factor when it comes to having someone professionally build and code your website for you is the amount of SEO that can be put into the website.

Everyone who’s trying to enhance their online presence knows they’ve got to have well-placed SEO.  By having someone build your website from the ground up for you, they can add SEO into the coding as well, which will help you gain better traffic to your website.

While you always have the option to create your website to sit out there, floating in the great unknown of the internet without any SEO, there’s a bigger possibility you most likely don’t want that.

While website builders can give you options to add SEO into specific places on your website, it won’t be nearly as much as if you were to get it built by a real web designer.

3 People Meeting In A Cade

Better Communication For Clients 

If you have a business, clients are most likely your top priority.  Perhaps they’re not, but if that’s how you roll, keep doing you.

No matter how you would like to interact with customers, having a custom website can make it easy and efficient for both ends.

Unlike some services where you’re stuck with a simple “Insert email here” for a contact method, you can have anything from a real-time popup chat box, to a rather extravagant “contact us” page.

Being able to communicate well with current and future clients is something that keeps your customers wanting to come back to you.  People like to know they’re being treated as a priority and with care, and by having someone build you a website, you can do that for them!

Better For All Platforms

Have you ever opened a website that just seems very odd on your tablet or phone?  Those kind of websites are always a bit weird and hard to navigate, you don’t want that.

When you work with someone who knows what they’re doing, you can confidently know that you’ll have a great looking website on any device.

Another issue that can occur using standard website hosts is how they don’t always look the same through all browsers.  While the majority of people will use Google, depending on what other people use, your website may look different.

That can become an issue if potential clients go to your website but aren’t able to view it properly simply because they aren’t on a specific browser.

It Grows With You

Remember that dream where you launched your website and already had a huge following?

You made millions in a matter of minutes?  Yeah, I had that one last week as well.

Sadly, this isn’t typically the case, and most businesses start small until they grow into something bigger.

Having a custom-built website is excellent because it can grow with you.

So, no matter how big or small you might start out, you’ll always know that your website can handle it and is there to grow with you.

young girlg giving tech support

Constant Support

While any website you might look at for hosting your new website surely has customer support, thousands of people are also using that one company for all of their needs as well.

If something is going wrong with your custom website, whoever has helped you along the way is going to still be there to continue to help you.

It Saves You Time

We all know the phrase “Time is money”, well if you need a new website, it can take you a lot of time.

If you’re currently working on getting your business up and running all while doing everything else, it can be hard to find the time to build a website. 

When you have someone who’s able to do that for you, you can continue to focus on other things that matter for your business and know that your website is in good hands.


So, have you decided yet?  

Having a website that’s built custom for you clearly has so many benefits over just creating one from a generic template.

•     It makes your business look professional compared to others who have used templates.

•     It gives a great overall impression to clients and anyone who may visit your website.

•     You can guarantee the quality of your website.

•     You’ll always have room to change and grow as your business continues to.

So, next time you’re looking to start a website, try looking into having a custom website built by either someone who does web design locally to you or someone who’s work really sparks your interest.

I’d love to help you #BeWebProud and work with you on your own custom website!

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