Why You Should Have A Blog?

Why You Should Have A Blog?

Monday, September 21, 2020

What's a blog?

Derived from the term Web Log, a blog started as an online diary, a file-o-fax a website to share your daily/weekly thoughts and feelings or expertise. Over time they have developed to become an integral part of the internet, and most searches your perform on Google will land you into the world of blogging.

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Blogging is not for me.

So you're setting up your business online, your planning the structure of your new website and the question occurs, do you want a blog?

You might think to yourself, no I'm not a blogger, I don't have time for that, and you may have the preconception that they are for the hobbyist or that they have no benefit to you.

That preconception is where you a wrong; you can gain an online advantage over you competitors who don't have a blog, especially as you niche down on your local area and start to include geographies into your writing. Besides which other web design company in Darwen or Blackburn do you know that is providing good honest content to help accelerate your online presence.

Why should I blog?

The short and simple, a well thought out, and informative blog can help you:

  • Inform customers and keep them up to date
  • Build your brand and your company voice
  • Grow your online audience
  • Provide organic traffic to your website
  • Supercharge your websites SEO
  • Interact with clients in an administered environment
  • Earn an income (For dedicate bloggers or very information-heavy blog platforms)

The trade-off

Producing original and exciting content will take a considerable amount of time, to begin with, as with everything, you will become more efficient with practice. It's essential to keep a schedule and stick with it, this shows your organised and committed to your online presence.

To summarise, invest in your blog and reap the rewards over time.

Cat Blogger

Ten useful tips to start blogging

‍To help get you started with blogging, you should try to ensure your blog is:

  1. Engaging content
  2. Easy to read
  3. Break monotony with images and video
  4. Targeted to your audience
  5. Be an expert in your field
  6. Keep your blog posts timeless, invest time in content that stays relevant
  7. Proofread your content, then proofread it again with fresh eyes
  8. Think of an excellent catchy headline
  9. Think about who your audience is and tailor your writing towards them
  10. Be you, don't be another clone, don't copy

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